Two books that will restore your hope and change your life


It’s hard to be at the end of your rope. Perhaps it’s the mistakes you’ve made, or maybe it’s the lot life has handed to you. Whatever it is, you’ve reached the bottom, and all you have left is hope…hope that you’ll discover the answer, hope that there’s an easier way, hope that someone will reach out and pull you back up.

This holiday season, curl up with two books that will change your life. Husband and wife, Shawn and Crissi Langwell, share stories of hope, grit, and second chances through memoir, Beyond Recovery, and novel The Road to Hope.

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Beyond Recovery:
A Journey of Grace, Love, and Forgiveness
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From staggering into his first meeting for recovery, to the moment he knew another drink would kill him, Beyond Recovery offers an intimate glimpse into the life of an alcoholic. Shawn Langwell gives a front row seat to what it looks like to hit bottom, and the slow process of healing one day at a time.

5 STAR REVIEW: “Langwell’s story provokes reflection on where you are in your life and where you want to go, and reminds you that falling down is just something you do before you get back up—so glad he did.”

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The Road to Hope:
Book 1 of the Hope series
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Jill is a childless mother, suffering in the wake of her son’s untimely death. Maddie is a pregnant teen, cast out by her family. Alone, despair is their guiding force. But a chance encounter shines a light on the path to hope.

5 STAR REVIEW: “The story Langwell tells is raw and emotionally moving. I admit I love a good cry when I read a book. This one did not disappoint.

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